About Us

Style and inspiration

Lady Coventry is the present day embodiment of the Arts and Craft movement. We cherish old dress making techniques and place great value on the quality of our materials. At the same time we appreciate the technological advance that was made during the last century. The technical possibilities we have, because digital printing and CAD modelling are now available, are priceless. We embrace both the old and the new.

Key element in our designs is the integration of art work in the cuts of our dresses.  By using contemporary techniques we can realize art work that is uninterrupted by the seams and darts of our pieces. A 3D composition of art is born.

Most of our art designs draw inspiration from the leading styles of the late 19th century. Rather than just copying, the Lady Coventry design house uses style elements of the great achievements of that time and gives them a modern, personal twist.


Each Lady Coventry dress is a true work of craftsmanship. The amount of hours spent on one single dress puts a natural cap on our production capacity. We therefore take the liberty to offer our most complicated designs in very small volumes only. Before each season, the pieces are available for pre-ordering. We only produce on demand, so there will never be any sales.

Corporate social responsibility

At Lady Coventry, we believe that business targets should always be accompanied by respect for people and environment. There is no waste of materials with our way of production.
The Lady Coventry design house is founded and based in the Netherlands. All pieces are designed and made in the Netherlands.

For more information on this topic, please see our Ethics and Sustainability section.

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