Autumn Winter 2017

Friend or Foe?

Are we (humanity) a virus only able to exhaust this planet or do we also make a contribution? With all the reports that reach us about the negative results of our existence like making plastic soup and warming up the earth beyond natural proportions, the emphasis mainly lies with the first option.

This collection focuses on the aesthetic interaction between human made items and nature. There is so much beauty to find in this intersection. And without us humans, this beauty wouldn’t be there. 


For our shift dress in particular, we drove inspiration from abandoned sculptures being reclaimed by nature. With the vegetation going round, it becomes a new artwork in it’s own right. The Infinity dresses are part of our signature style, always inspired by flowing Art Nouveau lines we love so much.

Colors: Different hues of yellow, fuchsia and purple.


These styles are inspired by play of sunlight on city buildings. A sunset between skyscrapers is a mesmerizing show to watch. For this idea we turned to the style of old Art Deco advertisements. With gradients we emphasize shadows, bright areas and the female body altogether.

Colors: Different hues of blue, green, chartreuse and clouded grey.

Credits> Photographer: Lisa Praster, Styling and Art Direction: Lete Hulscher, MUAH: Iris Zuidema, Models: Ilse Tuit & Carmen

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