Ethics and Sustainability

Our view on Social and Environmental issues

In essence Lady Coventry is not founded to be an ethical or sustainable brand, but founded to design wearable pieces of art. We think it should be completely normal not to harm people and planet while producing clothing. In an ideal world, this section shouldn’t be even worth mentioning since it is just a matter of decent behavior.

With knowing comes caring

We are also convinced that if harm is done, it is not because people want to do harm. The past has shown us that it is possible to make choices that are on first glance very innocent and have little impact for people involved in the decision making process, but can have disastrous consequences 10.000 miles away.

We believe that is now more than ever important to know how things work and how the living environments of people in the worlds are connected and how they are effected by the choices we make as a company.

We realize that we are not all-knowing. Although it is our view that in an ideal world it should be completely normal not to do harm, the reality is that sometimes it is hard to determine what is harmful. It is a discovery journey. So please be welcome to have a glance on ours! We will regularly update this section with new information we have encountered.


Our focus points

At this moment our focus lies on two aspects:

  • Working conditions of people involved
  • Overproduction

This choice is inspired on two issues, that above all others drew our personal attention these last years:

  • We were shocked when learning about the working conditions of people working in the fashion industry, especially if employed in lesser developed parts of the world.
  • Secondly we were stunned by the tendency that more and more of cheap low quality clothes were piling up the stores. It was like they were designed to be waste from the start. 

 Our measures

  • First of all, we want our products to last. They should mean something to you. Add value. Our products are designed to outlast fashion trends. Both in quality and style.
  • We do not overproduce. Our production matches demand. Working backwards also makes it easy to determine the exact amount of input materials needed, not creating dead stock anywhere in the chain. 
  • We try to minimize the use of actual materials in our design cycle. We work with virtual sampling wherever we can.
  • Critical production steps are sourced in countries where working conditions are well regulated. Printing and dying of fabrics can cause substantial damage to people and planet if not performed under strict regulations.
  • Our seamstresses are our artists. Their labor is not exploited.

Please see below the start of our material flow. We are working to get more insight all the way to the raw materials.




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