Spring Summer 2017



 “Apart from the desire to produce beautiful things, the leading passion of my life has been and is hatred of modern civilization.”
 ― William Morris


Although hatred is overstated, it is true that the first ideas for Lady Coventry were based on worries about the consequences the fashion industry in its current form has on our world. Over a century ago William Morris had similar worries when the negative effects of industrialization on the English society became clear. The Arts and Craft movement that he and like minded consequently fathered was the foundation of very prominent art movements like Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Our first collection is very much inspired by the symmetric botanical themes that were very popular during the Art Nouveau era. As well as the Orient and the mystery it exuded to many artist that were active then, of which the most prominent probably is George Barbier. The coral and jade color palette for the Wiggle and Full skirt dress is inspired on the red dresses and elaborate jade jewelry that Chinese courtesans wore during the imperial eras. The color grading we used on the roses and dresses as a whole is inspired on the Japanese Yuzen technique, which is used to dye and paint kimono. Fortunately digital printing enabled us to mimic this beautiful but unaffordable technique very well.

As outer fabrics we choose two different types of medium weight silk. For the Full skirt and Shift we used a sateen fabric and for the wiggle we used a crêpe de chine with stretch. We choose a Bemberg Cupro for our lining. Cupro is made of cotton linter and we choose this material because it is more durable than silk. We wish our dresses to be part of your inheritance as matter of speak, so we constructed them to last.

Credits> Photographer: Chris Piepers, MUAH: Monique Brinkhorst, Model: Alisa Basyuk

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