The curious story behind our Logo

Did you ever wonder why our brand name refers to an English Lady and not a Dutch one? The thing is that the logo we choose for our brand doesn't only look like it is created over a century ago, but it really is that old.

When we decided to start this business we obviously wanted a logo in that typical Art Nouveau style. The coincidence is that we found a perfect example in our family archives. In the beginning of the 20th century the family of Jaël owned a cigar factory and one of the brands they carried was Lady Coventry.

The brand image and name were first deposited in 1911 with this amazing Art Nouveau artwork.
Unfortunately this is all we have, so we don't know if and which colors were used. Nor is clear who made the illustration what was most likely a commissioned work.

When we found the brand image we knew instantly it was a perfect reflection of what we were planning to do with our brand. We digitally recreated it trying to preserve the historical feel, while preparing it for the 21th century.
We did consider changing the brand name, but out of respect for the history we decided to keep it as a whole. So, that's why this Dutch brand refers to an English Lady.
You can imagine this logo is very, very dear to us and we are very proud to carry it.



All historical images kindly provided by: Stichting Nederlandse Tabakshistorie

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